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The Jumbo-Sized Tote

The bag:

No.006 Jumbo Tote (Portfolio Bag)

The Jumbo Tote is the latest design from fashion director Jackie Lee, bringing together her love of canvas totes with a recognisable need for an over-large portfolio styled bag to be used by fashion and art students alike. Any creative who knows what it's like to work on huge projects need an appropriately huge idea to carry them around in. 

No.006 - Jumbo Tote 

We started with a couple Ice Breakers for our guests so they could get comfortable in front of the camera, paired with them is the MONO+n.a.v.y Jumbo Tote; portfolio bag.


We started by organising each shoot into the different people we have spotlighting our Jumbo Bag. We know we wanted to inspire art and fashion students and draw them to the Portfolio Bag; so we looked into contacting who we knew that either worked in fashion or studied art. Natalia lives in Hackney Central and was kind enough to let us into her living space so we could ask about her thoughts and feelings regarding the Jumbo Tote.

 “What's your name? How old are you? Where are you from? And what do you do?”

“My names’ Natalia, I’m 23 years old, I'm from Poland and I'm a graphic designer. I’ve been working in fashion for a few years. I'm currently working for Boden a British fashion brand but as my personal practice i mostly work with animal print and coding. That's like my little fun thing using type and weird experimental projects.”


Steven Tai is a close personal friend of Fashion Director Jackie Lee, so we contacted him and arranged to see him at a time where he was in London managing his beautiful East London studio. 

“My name is Steven Tai, I am 37, I was born in Macao but grew up in Canada, and I am a fashion designer” 


Our third model for this campaign is Lewis, having just graduated and working as an extra on film sets he brings a relaxed, causal style to the wearing of this portfolio bag. The importance of both practicality and versatilely being chief among his highlights of the bag, as well as its clean design and sustainable production.

“Hi, my name is Lewis. I'm 23, I’m from Hackney in London, East London. I've just graduated from a film-making course. Now I'm looking for film work in the film industry and sometimes I do extra work.”


Our I DO campaign is all about bringing practicality and utility to all aspects of London life, we put the newest MONO+n.a.v.y design; the Jumbo Tote (portfolio bag) into the hands of a fashion designer, a film student graduate and a graphic designer. We wanted their personal take on the Jumbo Tote and to see how they enjoy all the useful features for industries that have a high demand for materials and products as well as all kinds of tools and supplies.



“What made you pick out this outfit today?”

“I picked out this outfit today because i'm quite interested in textures, it’s always something that i enjoy for my own designs so this is actually a fabrication that we did from an Irish mill up north, its wool that is woven to create this kind of knit-like effect, that i made for myself and i wanted to feel cozy, i’m feeling a bit lazy today (laughs)”

What would you use the mono+navy jumbo portfolio bag for?

“I think I would use the mono+navy jumbo portfolio bag for kind-of everything in a way because I always have so much that I'm carrying and I think that practicality is really important to me. I also really hate having so many pockets that I try to find my things in like one big kind of place is going to be really suitable for me, so I would imagine just my laptops. I always have a pencil case which is so nerdy but I love my pencil case. And yeah I would imagine my daily fabric swatches, I'm always carrying fabric swatches and I hate, hate having them in a separate bag so I could imagine really enjoying having that fun and space.”

“What draws your attention to this bag?”

"Well I think the finishing and the craftsmanship just because it’s something I would pay attention to a lot as a designer and I just think that the interesting combinations of materials; the canvas and the leather along with metal fastenings. Just the kind of finishing the aesthetic of it, the frayed threads is something that I quite appreciate as you can see I guess I like kind of the slightly unfinished aesthetic.” 

"What features of this bag find most useful”

“Well I think the things I would find useful for this bag is one obviously for its size for how many things we have to take around, especially in London as we are running from place to place. But I also think just the fact that it's designed with multi-wear in mind, I think that's quite helpful because sometimes it is easier to carry over the shoulder depending on the items you are carrying. So giving the option to wear as a messenger is really helpful too, that versatility is something i always prefer in a bag.”

“Lastly, what do you think about when picking out an outfit for the day or occasion?” 

“In terms of picking out an outfit for the day, I think it’s a lot about expressing how I feel that day, and how I want to communicate how I'm feeling to the world. I know it feels kind of silly because it's something you do everyday and maybe a lot of people don’t really care as much especially if there are uniforms for daily work. But for me I think it's really important to set the day off right.”




“What made you pick out this outfit today?”

“I have  a dinner party to go to after work and I'm currently at work. this is my lunch break so it had to be versatile so i can go out at once cause there's no time to change”

What would you use this bag for?

“Probably to carry all my work, as i mentioned i do a lot of print, a lot of analogue print. so i always carry around a lot of cases, with everything a lot of paper, so it's really useful to have somewhere to put it in rather than just carry it out. especially in London because i got my projects wet before.”

“What draws your eye to this bag in particular?”

“I like how simple it is, it's quite like minimalistic. i could wear it with anything which is quite useful especially you know when you can choose different outfits and just go with the one bag which is always a nice thing”

“What features of this bag do you find useful?”

“The size of it for sure, because that's always the biggest issue with big projects. I can't just roll them because they’re gonna get destroyed so I just need something to put it in and just go. It's very sturdy as well so hopefully nothing will get destroyed, and yeah (laughs)”

“What do you look for when picking out your bag and outfit for the day?”

“I think the same thing I mentioned before, just something that's versatile so I can just go places without having to worry about changing. You know you never want to be underdressed for anything, that's my rule, i would rather always be overdressed rather than look like i don't belong.”

“Very good rule”

“So that's my mantra”

“That actually really explains the way you dress”

“Yeah i think so too”

“I've never heard you say that but that actually- because you always look bomb, even on her lazy days, her lazy days will be like cute, classy, nice trousers. Nice comfy suit basically.”

“There's no time to change guys like you have to always be ready for anything. What if you end up going out, out of nowhere at 7pm i don't know”

“Love that”




“What made you pick out this outfit today?”

“I wanted to look as understated as possible, and i just got out the shower and i'm about to wear some of the clothes mono-navy have provided.”

“What would you use this bag for?”

“I like to do life drawings so it would be very handy for that, carrying large pieces of paper. I like the fact it has pockets on the inside cause I often carry books around and it's a good shape for a canvas.”

“What draws your attention to this bag?”

“That it's made out of canvas, which I prefer over synthetic materials which are quite common.”

“What features of this bag would you find useful?”

“I like that it has three different handles on it so I can carry it in lots of different ways and it doesn't strain to carry it around, like a lot of portfolio bags just have one handle.”

“What do you think of when choosing an outfit for the day or occasion?”

“I always prefer to blend in rather than stand out but also appear somewhat stylish so making sure the clothes are well fitting and elegant.” 



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