Better Cotton Initiative

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Better Cotton Initiative



The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit organisation that promotes better and more sustainable standards for cotton farming practices for more than over 20 countries. Since 2017 Better Cotton accounts for 14% of global cotton production.

Their purpose is to ensure high sustainability standards in their partnerships and cotton productions and award certification for farmers who produce cotton sustainably. Better Cotton Initiative focuses on the future of fashion sustainability; the farmers and their communities.Committed to their education, growing their knowledge and ensuring their well-being are some of the promises BCI delivers on for more than 70 different field level partners, as they call it Farmers+. Supporting them implementing more sustainable practices, and ensuring not only better working conditions but fabric quality as well.

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Our MONO+n.a.v.y jumpers use 'Better Cotton' cotton obtained by BCI certified farmers because we know sustainable practices are as important as ensuring the best, highest quality materials and fabric. As BCI cotton has an immediately impressive touch-test, feeling where the quality control and care went in.

As of 2017 BCI cotton has grown as a global cotton cultivation organisation and now provide education on safeguarding the sustainable growing practices of BCI cotton. Cotton being one of the worlds most important renewable resources. 

The Better Cotton Initiative has seven principles that ensure that their fabric is defined as 'Better' and secures the quality of their partnerships.

  1. Crop Protection 
  2. Water Stewardship 
  3. Soil Heath
  4. Bio-Diversity
  5. Fibre Quality
  6. Decent Work
  7. Management System

BCI farmers minimise the harmful effects of crop protection practices, such as anti-pest management, using alternative methods rather than harmful pesticides.

Caring for our water resources is certainly a challenge especially when some countries face water scarcity, BCI encouraging water stewardship; learning how to use water effectively to achieve a greater yield, while consuming less and polluting less water.

Supporting farmers to better understand and care for their soil, protecting it. Better Cotton Farmers are encouraged to maintain healthy soil for the benefits of bigger and higher quality yields while also mitigating climate change, acting as a carbon sink.

'Better Cotton' supports farmers who enhance biodiversity and use the land responsibly, conserving and minimising the negative effects on habitats in and around their land.

One of the most important practices imparted are preserving the quality of the fabric. Farmers learn the importance reducing man-made contamination and waste content in fibres to enhance the quality and value of the fabric.

BCI tries to ensure better working conditions for farmers and all their employees so they may enjoy fair pay and equal opportunities for learning and progression in a safe environment, ability to voice their concerns and negotiate better conditions. 

Supporting Farmers with an effective management system that encompasses the policies and principles of the Better Cotton Initiative, to help farmers meet the 'Better Cotton' procedures and criteria. 

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No.013 - Hooded Sweatshirt Ivory 

Our hoodies and jumpers are apart of our Ready To Wear range and feature our unique MONO+n.a.v.y embroidered logo, our jumpers feature our brand insignia and the garments are made with a sustainable ethos and the BCI pledge for more sustainable methods in fashion.

At MONO+n.a.v.y we like to incorporate the renewal of our environment through sustainable fashion and our products.


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